House Prices In San Diego Are Heading Towards A Positive Trend

There is good news for San Diego as far as the real estate market is concerned. After fifteen months of gradual increases, it looks as if the housing market is heading towards a definite and positive trend. There are a few reasons for the slow but even rise in residential prices. One is the fact that many retirees are retiring close to the San Diego’s coastline due to its favorable temperatures. Another reason why the market is holding steady is because homes are now more affordable than ever due to special mortgage loans and rates that are favorable towards consumers. A lot of investors are also currently buying property due to the low prices.Experts in the field of real estate are estimating that the prices of homes in the county will either remain steady or possibly even increase slightly within the next few years. Residences in the SD area are heading more towards a normal market whereas Orange County has a much higher and alarming rate of distressed properties (36.4 percent versus SD’s 26.9 percent).San Diego has made it to number three on the top ten list of most desirable markets for conservative residential real estate investing an impressive number three. The present would be a great opportunity to scope out homes listed for sale in the area due to the favorable market. San Diego’s real estate market is showing signs of home prices stabilizing and the county is enjoying a stable rate of employment for its inhabitants.Economy wise, that also appears to head towards a positive and forward moving direction. For example, Christmas retail jobs for the holiday seasons are improved for 2010 versus 2009. Retail stores in the area are expecting sales figures to be much higher this year compared to last year. The tourism industry has also picked up during the warm vacation months and vehicle sales have increased for 2010 as well.To put this all in perspective, it appears as if the SD real estate market is holding steady and recovering despite alarming numbers in other parts of the country. More and more individuals are purchasing homes, even in an uncertain fiscal period of time due to special FHA and VHA loans. If you are looking to obtain a new home, it doesn’t get better than San Diego, a place with glorious warm weather and beautiful beaches.

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